Python and Kivy: Development of cross -platform mobile apps


Kivy is an open source framework for developing cross -platform mobile applications in Python. This article focuses on the basic usage of Kivy and explains in detail the development method of mobile applications using Kivy with code examples.

What is ## Kivy?

Kivy is a framework for developing mobile applications and multi -touch applications in Python, specializing in cross -platform support. It operates on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Kivy offers a wealth of tools and features to build graphical user interfaces (GUI).

Kivy features

  1. Cross platform : Kivy is a cross -platform framework and can develop applications that support multiple platforms in one code.

  2. Multi -touch support : Kivy supports multi -touch devices and is easy to process touch gestures and multi -touch events.

  3. Open source : Kivy is open source and can be used for free. It is also possible to develop commercial applications.

  4. Python language : Kivy is described in Python and can be easily learned for Python developers.

Install ## Kivy

First, install Kivy. You can use the following command to install Kivy via PIP.

`bash Pip Install Kivy `

Basic mobile application using ## Kivy

Let's build a basic mobile application using Kivy. The following is an example of a Kivy application with a simple screen and button.

`python From IMPORT APP From kivy.uix.button Import Button From kivy.uix.boxlayout import Boxlayout

Class MyApp (app): Def Build (Self): # Layout Layout = Boxlayout (Orientation = 'vertical', padding = 10)

    # button
    Button = Button (Text = 'Click', size_hint = (none, non), size = (200, 100))
    Button.bind (ON_PRESS = Self.on_button_click)

    # Add button to the layout
    Layout.add_widget (Button)

    Return Layout

Def on_bitton_click (Self, Instance):
    # Processing when clicking button
    Instance.text = 'I clicked! ''

if name = 'main__ MyApp (). Run () `

In this code, the MyApp class that inherits the Kivyapp class is defined, and the UI of the application is built with the Build method. When the button is clicked, the on_button_click method is called and the text of the button is changed.


In this article, we explained how to develop a cross -platform mobile application using Kivy. Kivy makes mobile applications easier due to its simple syntax and affinity in the Python language. Based on this, we recommend that you refer to Kivy's documentation and detailed reference to build more complex and attractive mobile applications. Use Python and Kivy to develop a user -friendly and powerful mobile application.